Houston charities - find one to support!

Crohn's disease & Colitis foundation


Look here to find the Houston chapter.

The Girl Scouts

The Holocaust Museum

The Houston Area Womens Center

Target Hunger Houston

The Heritage Society

Health Links

Dr. Joseph Mercola

I've read Dr. Mercola's research for many years. Lots of good Holistic resources!


Digital Thermal Breast Scans

This is a radiation-free, touch free scan for early detection.  www.DitiImaging.com  

Dr. McCann & Dr. Doctor, pain management

Several of our clients use Dr. McCann and Dr. Doctor


Alex Rivera, Chiropractor, West Houston

I have personally used Dr. Rivera since 2013. However, if you prefer a different part of Houston, we do know several other Chiropractors we trust. Please call.


Dr. Jack Jensen, Orthopedics (knees)

We have know Dr. Jensen since about 1989, and have always gotten good feedback after sending a referral.


Dr. Don Baxter, Orthopedics (ankle & feet)

Dr. Baxter did hip surgery on my mother in 1980! We have since met him through the Houston running community.  http://www.aokc.net/blog/physician/donald-e-baxter/