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Are You In Pain? Are You Suffering From An Injury?

MemorialWellness.com provides FOCUSED & EFFECTIVE THERAPY!

We bring you advanced massage therapy techniques.


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What makes Neuromuscular different?


                              Testimonial from Olympic Champion Carl Lewis


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We help release chronic muscular tension and pain, reduce stress and physical fatigue, improve your posture, and help you recover from accidents or sports injuries.


You'll undoubtedly be excited to hear just how Neuromuscular  Therapy methods help:




Who are we?
We are an association of Sole practitioners who have teamed up to provide you with BETTER AVAILABILITY and the capability to schedule SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS!

Why do we team up?
We understand that when people are looking for relief from tight muscle problems, they want help sooner rather than later! While some clients will wait for their own therapist to become available, others want to receive help as soon as possible.

How do we team up?
Think of an executive suite of offices. While we each have our own therapy room, we're never far from each other. This us communicate with each other, so we can help YOU when you need relief.

What Makes Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Different?


NMT is tailored to your comfort level. We are careful to work only as deep as you wish. We stay in communication with you during your therapy session.

NMT requires a more in-depth study of Anatomy and Physiology. this knowledge helps us understand which tight muscles might contribute to your area of concern.

NMT uses no oils, plus you get to keep comfortable clothing. Since we don't rub across your skin you get to stay comfortable during your session. And, if you are in business or cold weather dress, we always have extra t-shirts and shorts available.

Our NMT team strives of continuity of therapy. We have a communication system so that each therapist understands how to help you!


                              Steve Magness, Texas High School Mile record holder,                                                                    and University of Houston Track Coach              

Why MemorialWellness?


After thousands of success stories, we know what to do to help you. Clients range
from babies to grandmothers. Success Stories range from inactive people to Nine
Time Olympic Gold Medalist CARL LEWIS.


Our therapists have worked with Carl Lewis and members of the Santa Monica Track Club since 1993, including several trips to Europe, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, the 2000 Olympic Trials, and the 2011 US Men's Clay Court Tennis Championships.

Alphabetical List of Areas We've Helped

While we do NOT diagnose, here is a list of areas of concern, from which our clients have
claimed to have gotten relief.

FIND YOUR AREA BELOW - These just a few areas; please contact us with questions

1) Ankle Discomfort

2) Auto accident tightness

3) Back concerns

4) Calf (lower leg)

5) Carpal (wrist) area tightness

6) Foot discomfort

7) Frozen shoulder muscle tightness

8) Golf elbow muscle tightness

9) Hamstring (upper leg) tightness

10) Headaches, from tight muscles

11) Hip discomfort and tightness

12) Industrial accident muscle tightness

13) Knee discomfort

14) Low back / sciatica tightness

15) Post polio syndrome tightness

16) Post surgery muscle tightness

17) Pregnancy (pre and post) muscle tightness

18) Range of motion limitations

19) Rotator cuff muscle tightness

20) Sciatica area tightness

21) Shoulder discomfort / tightness

22) Sprained ankle muscle tightness

23) Stress / tension related tightness

24) TMJ (jaw) tightness

25) Tennis elbow muscle tightness

26) Whiplash area muscle tightness

  Neuromuscular Therapy Rates:

We require 8 business hours notice to avoid cancellation fee for Neuromuscular or Massage therapy appointments.

Forms of payment: Checks, cash, MasterCard/Visa, Discover, American Express

(No cash payments for out calls)

In office Neuromuscular / Massage Therapy sessions

30 minutes: $50

45 minutes: $75

60 minutes: $95

75 minutes: $120

90 minutes: $135

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Regular (Swedish) Massage

Want to get some great bodywork without the intensity of deep tissue work? Would
you like a quiet hour to "get away from it all"? All of our therapists are trained in relaxation massage techniques. And, since our Neuromuscular Massage training gives
us a more in depth knowledge of the anatomy, our clients tell us we provide a better Swedish massage!


Combo Therapy (uses both deeper and relaxation techniques)

This is a great way combine the focus and specific relief of deep Neuromuscular techniques with relaxation (Swedish) massage. We usually begin these sessions with
the deeper work to help your specific area of concern, then finish with relaxation techniques.


Outcall & Corporate Therapy (On-site, at your business location)

Let us come to you and provide your team with on-site stress relief! For more information, visit our Corporate and Outcall therapy page

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