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Auto accident page

The following information is provided as a service to our clients. It is not intended to replace
medical or legal advice.

Feel free to print this page and keep it in your glove box.

1) If you are in an automobile accident, get this information:

Time and date of accident: _________________ Location:________________________

Weather conditions: ____________________   Road conditions: __________________

Other car make, model, year, license tag:


Other driver name: ______________ Drivers license number / state: ________________

Driver’s address: ___________________________ City: ____________ Zip:__________

Other driver’s phones (get all you can)


**If possible, call these numbers from your cell phone to verify them!**

Other insurance co. name: ______________________ policy number: ______________

Other insurance co.phone: ___________________

If car owner is different, name address and phone:


Witness(es) address and phone: ____________________________________________


2) Get a cell phone camera, or a disposable camera, and keep it in your glove box. Be careful
not to let the disposable camera get too hot. Some disposable cameras only last one to three months.

3) You might want to seek medical attention if you are injured. If you are injured, we have found
it is very helpful to have medical records when dealing with some insurance companies and especially if you need to seek legal advice after your accident. We know several physicians in Houston and will by happy to provide a referral to our clients.

4) Next, be sure to file a police report within the required time limit. This could be very important
as your case progresses. Please contact your local police department to verify the current requirements.

5) You may want to contact an attorney who can answer your legal questions. We can provide
a local referral to our clients.

6) Also, be sure to keep a written diary of your conversations and contacts with the other side.

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